Undignified Worship

I love focusing on worship with worshipers.

We started our services out by reading 1 Peter 2:4-10.  We then sang “All to Us” and “Burning in My Soul.”  It was great to see the focus early on in the services.

After some announcements during offertory, we sang “10,000 Reasons.”  I got up before the message to read parts of Psalm 103 before we sang it one more time.

I preached from 2 Samuel 6 today on the topic of “Undignified Worship.”  This passage shows a grand palette of biblical expressions of worship and biblical hesitations concerning worship.

I shared the goal of our worship at North Side and how we plan worship to please one focus target – Jesus.  To do that, we must keep our worship by the book.  God killed Uzzah in 2 Samuel 6 not because of simple mistake – God’s people were trying to worship in a way that they had learned from the pagan Philistines.

Some of the major points from today:

  • We are called to obey the Word – not imitate the world.
  • You can’t worship God if you neglect the Word of God.
  • The greatest of leaders were also the most passionate of worshipers.
  • The people of God learned how to worship God from those who did not know God.
  • God’s work must be done in God’s way if it is to have God’s blessing.
  • Uzzah presumed his hands were cleaner than the dirt. He was dead wrong.
  • King David stripped himself of royalty in the presence of the King of kings  He became just like every other worshiper.

After the message, we sang “Almighty.”  It was incredible to hear our church sing out these words aware that the LORD Almighty was in our presence.

My prayer is that when we gather as a church, we make a big deal about Jesus in worship.

I pray that God spoke through his Word today and you were challenged to engage in biblical worship.

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