“The Word” Song Listing

“The Word” is getting closer by the day.

As we attempt to tell the grand narrative of the Bible, we set out to compose songs that communicate those truths and worship Jesus at every stop.

Our team has never studied more, prayed more, and analyzed more.  We have spent an untold number of hours nitpicking lyrics because of our commitment to teach sound doctrine in this music (Col. 3:16; Tit. 2:1).

With that, we had a band meeting on Monday where I sang through the entire project.  We huddled up at my house and went through the project.  It was an incredible time of worship.  We were very excited and it was good to see it all together and to pray over it.

Because we believe this work to be so important, we actually tweaked it after Monday night.  Afterwards, I asked people where the weak parts were.  I personally felt that one of the songs was a weak link next to the others and especially in that point of the story.  Even after “finishing” with this portion of the project and singing through it, Tuesday morning, I was sure I wanted to try again.

We decided not to tweak the song, but we threw it out and started with a blank page.

I emailed the band and asked them to pray.  As they prayed that morning, a replacement song came quickly and it is exactly what we were hoping to have in the spot.  It might actually be my favorite now!

While we will have some elements in between the songs to fill in the gaps, the following 14 songs are titles and descriptions of the songs that help us tell the overarching narrative of the Word.

Hope you are getting excited – April is coming quickly!

“The Word” Song Listing

  1. Let There Be – The song of Creation.  God spoke.  It was created.  All made by him and for him.
  2. How We’ve Fallen – We messed it up and messed it up quickly.  Only God can cover our shame.
  3. No One Like Our God – There is no god like Yahweh.  He rescues his people.  The nations must know this truth.
  4. Our God Is With Us – He does not fail or forsake his people.  God’s promise is his presence.
  5. Enter His Gates – The people of God are to gather together to worship God for his faithfulness.
  6. Return to Me – The prophets warned.  God is wooing his people back.  Return to him before it is too late.
  7. How Long, O LORD? – The people ignored the warnings.  Punishment came.  How long until he comes back to his people?
  8. Fear Not – He comes back.  Really, comes back.  Incarnation.  Jesus is born.  Earth has been invaded by the Divine.
  9. Amazed – Jesus taught, healed, and performed signs among the people.  We all are still amazed at who he is and what he has done.
  10. What a Savior – Jesus came to die, rose to life, ascended into heaven, and commissioned us to the nations.  What a Savior!
  11. Come Holy Spirit – The promised Holy Spirit came down and provided the direction and power needed by the disciples.
  12. Day by Day – The Church was not a meeting to attend – it was a family to join.  They lived for Jesus day by day.
  13. Your Word – The letters to the churches reveal doctrine on who we are in Christ.  This Word is living and active.
  14. Faithful and True – The rider on the white horse has a name – Faithful and True.  Jesus is coming back to make all things new.