Undignified Worship

I preached a sermon on January 11, 2015 on “Undignified Worship.”  Teaching from 2 Samuel 6, I communicated what biblical worship should look like.

Some of the main points:

  • We are called to obey the Word – not imitate the world.
  • You can’t worship God if you neglect the Word of God.
  • The greatest of leaders were also the most passionate of worshipers.
  • The people of God learned how to worship God from those who did not know God.
  • God’s work must be done in God’s way if it is to have God’s blessing.
  • Uzzah presumed his hands were cleaner than the dirt. He was dead wrong.
  • King David stripped himself of royalty in the presence of the King of kings  He became just like every other worshiper.

Hope this message is a challenge to you!