The Sin of Favoritism

Special, special day as we addressed the sin of favoritism found in James 2:1-13.

We began our services with “The Word” Creation song entitled “Let There Be.”

After a few announcements, we sang “Lay Me Down” and “No One Like Our God” (from “The Word”).

Jeff then came up and led us in a prayer time for persecuted Christians around the world.  Such an honor to stand with them through prayer.

After the prayer time, we sang “You Alone Are God” which is a song on the Trinity.  Three different parts all sung at the same time then uniting together on the phrase, “You Alone Are God.”  People jumped in right away and it sounded great!

We then sang “Our God Is With Us.”  So 4 out of the 5 songs came from “The Word” today.  I loved continuing to introduce these tunes but I also love how the lyrics went with the message today.  God has a plan always!

I don’t think I have ever heard a message on favoritism until today.  What an important concept to think about though.  In the church, above all other places, everyone should be the same.  No one is more important than another.  What a powerfully, convicting, eye-opening message.

Thankful for how God is using his Word in our lives!

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