Living Faith

What a powerful day of worship.  Rainy day outside, joyful day inside!  Both services have been growing as of late and it’s been so great to meet some new people and hear their stories.

This week, we sang:

  • Friend of God – North Side Worship (The Time Is Now)
  • Enter His Gates – North Side Worship (The Word)
  • You Alone Are God – North Side Worship (The Word)
  • Our God Is With Us – North Side Worship (The Word)
  • Be Thou My Vision – Fernando Ortega

I love watching and hearing our church worship.  At the 11:00 service, the congregation was singing out so much by the end, I don’t even think we needed to be there!  That’s my favorite kind of moments!

Our team has been working so hard on these new songs and it encourages us so much to hear positive comments but even more to hear the church singing out with them!

Jeff’s message on “Living Faith” was so great (James 2:19-26).  He spent the beginning of the message talking about Martin Luther’s love for Romans and less-than-love for James due to the issue of works.  Jeff was so helpful in teaching us how we are not saved by works, but how good works should come out from genuine faith.

I am so thankful for God’s Word, God’s Spirit, and God’s church in our midst.