Until the Whole World Knows

I was blessed to go to college with dear brothers who are making an impact for Christ all over the world.  It is wonderful to stay in touch with these guys and hear what they are doing.

One such dear friend is Jeremiah Hambrick.


Ever so godly, talented, and humble, Jeremiah and his family are committed to the Great Commission.  He just began working with a ministry called “Until the Whole World Knows” which helps equip churches to become more than just mission-minded.  It seeks to help them become missionary churches!

Here is some info on what Jeremiah and his ministry does:

Until the Whole World Knows


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“Our desire is to help make missions attainable and sustainable.”

What we do.

Until The Whole World Knows is a non-profit organization that is focused on resourcing churches and individuals to make a global impact with the good news of Jesus.

Imagine working in the same place, with same community, the same Pastor, church, mission for 5, 10, or 15 years! Think about the growth you would see and have an integral part in. The kids you would watch grow and people you would become friends with. Your pictures would have names and stories behind the faces, and your communication would be personal and real. To us, thats mission work at its finest.

Until the Whole World Knows works with churches and overseas ministries to help foster intentional partnerships that benefit both the church and mission, and help to make a meaningful and lasting impact for the Gospel.

Our Goal.

UTWWK strives to connect your church to a ministry overseas. Once you are connected, we will help train, prepare, and lead your team so you can focus on building a relationship, in the hopes that your church then commits to a long-term partnership and continues the work of spreading the Gospel together!

A Testimonial.

“I had the privilege of going on my first mission trip to Haiti in January 2012 with  my church, Bethel Baptist in Yorktown, VA.  After returning home from this trip, our pastor and I felt God leading our church to a part of His work in Haiti. As missions committee chairman, I contacted Jim at Until The Whole World Knows, who had helped lead our trip, to guide us through the process of planning our short-term mission trips to Haiti.

UTWWK helped us plan everything from beginning to end. From setting the dates, buying the tickets, training our team, and then introducing us to different ministries in Haiti.  Because of Jim and Debbie’s hard work, we are able to hit the ground running.  No time is wasted trying to figure out what needs to be done or how and when we will do it.

The relationships Until The Whole World Knows have established with pastors and ministries in Haiti have proven invaluable to our church. They introduced us to the ministries and encouraged us to prayerfully consider where and how God was leading us to become involved. They have helped us establish long term relationships that will last for many years as we come along side our brothers and sisters in Haiti to help them reach their communities with the Gospel.

After we’ve established relationships, UTWWK continues to support us with communications between our church and the ministries in Haiti we support. They facilitate questions, provide us feedback on ministry progress and continue to encourage God’s people in Haiti during our absence. UTWWK consistently updates us on status and needs of the various ministries we work with.’

How you can get involved.

  • 1. Start a conversation with us. Simply click “Join Us” and tell us a little about yourself.
  • 2. We will contact you and send you a brief survey that will give us a few more details about your church and what missions experience and strengths your church has.
  • 3. We will meet with your church to help you cast vision, prepare, train, and lead your church on their first trip with us.
  • 4. We will work hard to help you establish a long-term partnership that you can continue for years to come.

Where we are and who we are working with.

  • Churches and Pastors in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti
  • Come Go With Us Ministries, Zambia*
  • Arise Africa, Jinja Uganda*
  • The Nortons, Madagascar*
  • Christian Light Foundation, Costa Rica*
  • Stellas Voice, Moldova*

* We are just beginning partnerships in these countries. Check back often for updates!

If you would like more information on how Jeremiah and his team can help you and your church, you can contact them here: Until The Whole World Knows