April 2015 Member Meeting

It was a great night at our member meeting.  Many things for which to give the Lord thanks.

Here are some notes I took on my phone:

  1. God has been faithful over our finances. We do have some growth concerning stewardship for members of our church family.
  2. Through the gifts, we have been able to support international, national, and statewide missions at a great level.
  3. We are 60% complete with our debt.  We are aggressively paying down the building fund.
  4. In addition to the operating fund, mission funds, building funds, unreached people group fund, the resale store had been able to support many benevolent needs within our church.
  5. The counseling need has grown.  Through classes and pastoral counseling sessions, we are meeting many needs of those inside and outside the church.
  6. Half of the counseling appointments are not members of North Side.  Some are not members of any church.  Some are a part of churches were pastors will not counsel.
  7. Our deacons are addressing 75 short-term needs and 55 long-term needs since October.  These teams are addressing all types of needs.
  8. Our senior adult ministry is growing.  This crew is not slowing down in their study and application of the Word.
  9. We have a responsibility to share the gospel and support those who have gone long-term as missionaries.
  10. We are going to remodel house on backside of campus to serve as a furlough home for missionary families.  We are starting in the days to come.
  11. You can help by donating money, items, and time as we remodel.
  12. We want to love and encourage these missionaries and send them back out in a better way than when they come home (3 John 1:5-8).
  13. On June 7, we will start Summer Roundtable gatherings on Sundays and Wednesdays at 6pm.
  14. The goal is to get to know, share, disciple, care for people from all ages.  We are going to gather together and get to know others from the church and disciple cross-generationally.

Exciting times!  Can’t wait to begin jump on these items in the days to come!