Let There Be [Storytellers]

Our team wrote “Let There Be” as a way to depict Creation and worship the Creator.  It is a song on “The Word” project.

“The Word” is a project by North Side Worship telling the grand narrative of the Bible.  It is available at North Side (May 3, 2015) and iTunes (May 5, 2015).

We began to write this song back in September 2014 when our team went on a songwriting retreat.  It was one of the last songs we worked on that weekend due to my hesitancy of starting it.  The song had to accomplish much to portray nothing to something in a short amount of time.  Also, how where we going to make this worshipful and not simply informative?

Song Info

  1. Since the biblical text doesn’t have much between nothing and a whole lot of something, we tried to do the same thing.
  2. The beginning sounds like dark expanse.  Drum beats kinda sounds like a heart beat.
  3. We tried to make it sound like it was dark and that the entire universe’s light switch got turned on by the first chorus.
  4. We chose 6/8 meter due to the driving and expressive nature it can provide for such lyrical content.  And I mean, just think about those numbers for a second.
  5. Verse 1 focused on Genesis 1.  Verse 2 delved into the Psalms concerning the theological impact regarding Creation.
  6. The chorus was focused on Genesis 1 and Colossians 1:16.
  7. The bridge’s six lines proclaim the order of Creation – 1 per line (light, sky and water, land, celestial bodies, birds and fish, Mankind).  It was difficult to express it lyrically, but it was worth the detailed effort.
  8. Many of the musical lines and percussion hits are positioned to express what was being created at the moment.
  9. Chords were chosen in the verses to show incompleteness (maj7, add2, dissonant chording, etc.).  Chorus was full and robust theologically and musically.
  10. Angela McCall did a fantastic job singing this song.  You are able to hear her sing it and feel her joy coming through her voice.  “Praise the Creator of heaven and earth!”

I love how the song turned out.

As the first chorus hits, I feel like God starts painting this canvas upon Creation and gives us countless reasons to worship him.


Chord Chart: Let There Be – G


In the beginning, all was nothing
Formless and empty
Darkness covering, Your Spirit hovering
You opened Your mouth to speak
God arise
Shine Your light

Let there be and there was
Let there be, it was good
Made by You, all for You
Let there be, let there be

In the beginning, You spoke into nothing
The formless came to life
Creation’s story displays Your glory
The heavens and earth proclaim
Creation arise
All glorify

Light of the world, shine for all to see, the heavenly skies to the depths of the sea
All wonders and splendor you made upon the earth
Sun, moon, and stars, speak Your majesty, all creatures of earth which you called out to be
Those made in Your image will ever sing Your worth

Worthy are You our Lord and God, all of the universe stands in awe
We give You the honor, the power and glory
Praise the Creator of heaven and earth, all of Creation proclaims Your worth
May all of our lives display Your majesty
Let there be

Track Listing

  1. Let There Be (Creation)
  2. How We’ve Fallen (The Fall)
  3. No One Like Our God (Exodus)
  4. The Ten Commandments (Law)
  5. Our God Is With Us (Covenant)
  6. Enter His Gates (Psalms)
  7. Return to Me (Prophets)
  8. How Long O LORD (Exile)
  9. Fear Not (Incarnation)
  10. Amazed (Jesus’ Ministry)
  11. What a Savior (Passion Week)
  12. Come Holy Spirit (Pentecost)
  13. Day By Day (Church)
  14. You Alone Are God (Trinity)
  15. Your Word (Epistles)
  16. Faithful and True (Revelation)

“The Word” is a project by North Side Worship telling the grand narrative of the Bible.  It is available at North Side (May 3, 2015) and iTunes (May 5, 2015).