Day By Day [Storytellers]

“Day By Day” was written to describe the Kingdom work of the early Church based on the Book of Acts.  It primarily focuses on the description in Acts 1-7.  It is a song on “The Word” project.

“The Word” is a project by North Side Worship telling the grand narrative of the Bible.  It is available at North Side (May 3, 2015) and iTunes (May 5, 2015).

This song was one of the last we wrote for the project.  After we had basically finished the Old Testament songs, we worked on 8 pivotal moments/concepts throughout the New Testament.  “Day By Day” was intended to display the move of the early Church and also serve as a reminder for the activities of the current Church.

Song Info

  1. The first part written for the song was the “whoas.”  Deep, I know.  I originally intended for this song to sound like an army marching through the streets on a mission.  I wanted a way that a congregation could hear that as almost a rallying cry.
  2. The title and theme of the song came from the description of the Church in Acts 2:42-47.  The description of their activities focused on the phrase “day by day.”  Their work for the Kingdom was a daily activity.  Church was not an hour on Sunday.
  3. We tried to include major elements from the Scripture and packed them in the song (unity among diversity, no distinction, gathering for worship, scattering for evangelism, daily converts, the importance of the name of Jesus, gospel proclamation, deity of Christ, persecution, Stephen’s vision of Jesus on the throne, waiting for Christ’s return, meeting needs with each other, fear taking all of them concerning the power of God, city noticing the unity of the Church, nations being impacted – just to name a few).
  4. Ted Collins not only did a great job singing this song, but he also came up with many of the backup vocal parts that the ladies just sang with such precision.
  5. Bear Kilgore and Jamie Strutton composed the horn section which added so much of the old-school feel to this song.
  6. This song also shows the linear musical progression we tried to accomplish through this project.  The instrumentation and genre of the songs develop through the project as we follow the timeline and these songs would feel differently throughout the ages depicted.
  7. We have heard numerous encouraging words about this song.  It is definitely different in nature than any other song on the project.  It is a good “walking song.”  It feels as if disciples are taking the gospel to the street completely confident in the message and in the outcome.
  8. One of the last things we did to the song was create the media for it.  We utilized an early Church timeline and then a global map of the spread of the Church from Acts until now.  The end zoomed into North Side and showed how what happened in Jerusalem eventually planted North Side in Greenwood and now we are still sending people to the nations.  It was the only song that stepped out of the timeline like that but it added depth to show we are a part of something so much bigger than ourselves.

The early Church belief was that Church is who you are and not where you go.

Chord Chart: Day By Day – B


We are your church, different people
As one in Christ, there’s no distinction
We will gather to give you glory
We will go out telling the story
Of how you conquered the grave
Our lives could never be the same

Day by day, you raise the dead to life
Your praises we arise
May You be glorified
We can’t stop speaking of Your name
The gospel we proclaim
We will carry till the ends of the earth know that Jesus is God

Despite their threats, we’ll keep on preaching
Despite the times, we keep on believing
That You remain upon Your throne
That You’ll return to carry us home
Until that coming day
It’s joy to give our lives away

Day by day, you fill our soul with reverence and with fear
Day by day, every need is supplied among those here
Day by day, may this city see Your church in unity
Day by day, may the nations see Your power and great glory


Track Listing

  1. Let There Be (Creation)
  2. How We’ve Fallen (The Fall)
  3. No One Like Our God (Exodus)
  4. The Ten Commandments (Law)
  5. Our God Is With Us (Covenant)
  6. Enter His Gates (Psalms)
  7. Return to Me (Prophets)
  8. How Long O LORD (Exile)
  9. Fear Not (Incarnation)
  10. Amazed (Jesus’ Ministry)
  11. What a Savior (Passion Week)
  12. Come Holy Spirit (Pentecost)
  13. Day By Day (Church)
  14. You Alone Are God (Trinity)
  15. Your Word (Epistles)
  16. Faithful and True (Revelation)

“The Word” is a project by North Side Worship telling the grand narrative of the Bible.  It is available at North Side (May 3, 2015) and iTunes (May 5, 2015).