A Critical Spirit

I am just absolutely overwhelmed at all the Kingdom goodness happening with our North Side family right now!

I tried some different things in our services today concerning order and elements.  We had a lot going on but it was a powerful time.

  • Reading Psalm 19:7-11
  • Song – “Your Word” [from “The Word”]
  • Welcome and Intro to Service (I talked about where we were heading in the service.  My sons helped out by reading 1 Thess. 5:11 and praying that God would work in us and not have a critical spirit.)
  • Song – “What a Savior” [from “The Word”]
  • Baptisms (I love watching pastors and fathers baptize those they led to Christ – moved to tears)
  • Summer Missionary Commissioning – Sending these college students and young adults to the nations!
  • Our Mozambique missionaries prayed over them – what a treat!
  • Song – “Faithful and True” [from “The Word”] – As we sang this song, we had pictures of the places that our students are serving this summer.
  • Message – “A Critical Spirit” – James 4:11-12
  • Reading – John 13:34-35
  • Song – “Unite Us Together” [from “Overcome”]
  • Prayer – Edgar Enriquez just returned from Mexico doing seminary and prayed us out – what a great way to end our services!

Even beyond these great, full services, we began a new check-in system today and our teams were super prepared and everything went great!

We also released our new CD today, and I was so excited to hear all the excitement about our people getting copies to take to friends and family!

Still processing things from today’s message on being critical.  I loved how Jeff showed the difference in calling out sin in another and just being critical.

Some of my notes:

  • Speaking truth brings healing, speaking evil brings harm.
  • If I can’t confront someone with an open Bible, I should keep my mouth shut.
  • You cannot turn a sinner around without addressing the sin.
  • The standard must be the Word of God.
  • If someone criticizes another in your presence, ask them this:
    • Why are you telling me this?
    • Where did you get your facts?
    • Have you talked to that person about it?
    • Can I quote you?