A Pastor’s Heart

I was so eager to worship with our church family today.  It was a fantastic week of ministry for our family.  Our students had a great experience at X-Fuge on Mission.  Our Ghana team was back in the house.  Lots of new faces.  It was such a special time to focus on 1 Thess. 3:1-10.

Here’s the service flow:

  • Amazed
  • O the Blood/Nothing But the Blood
  • Prayer Time (confession, forgiveness, burdens, etc.)
  • Offering
  • He’s Always Been Faithful
  • Message
  • Trust and Obey

I got really overwhelmed by God’s faithfulness today.  As we sang about it, I was really cognizant of how good God has been to our church.

I learned so much from the Word today.  Here’s some notes:

  • God destines afflictions into our lives to accomplish sanctification.
  • God tests; Satan tempts.  God desires our success; Satan desires our failure.
  • Favorite tactics of the tempter:
    • No one (including God) cares about you.
    • You need to retaliate against the source of your pain.
    • Here is a pleasurable escape to your pain.
  • In their affliction, they didn’t need temptation or another letter from Paul, they needed somebody.
  • People don’t need something – they need somebody.

Some rich stuff for us to consider as a church.

People don’t need something – they need somebody.

Jeff did such a great job encouraging us to be intentional with one another in this church.  What could happen if we all got real intentional about discipline one another?

As we begin a new phase of family ministry starting next week, this was such a great reminder.  While we have programs in place, it is intentional lives that make the difference.

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