Thanks for Buying a T-Shirt [A Note From My Son]

The following note is written from my 7-year-old son, Obadiah who decided we would use his lemonade stand and some t-shirt sales to raise money for a Bible translation for the Mushere people.  Your support has made my son’s heart rejoice and his faith increase.

Hello, I am the main one getting this bible project ready and we have 30 dollars over,730$!! A extra T-shirt because people just like to buy them and we thank you if you’ve bought one(+).There is a story, a real story, that I am going to tell you.

“once upon a time, I wished for a lemonade stand. Not in a well, but in my mind. I was planning to call it “Snack-n-Ack!“because it was going to sell snacks. The “Ack“ part means more. Go back to the story, when one morning my mother took me behind her car and there it was! My grandpa built it that night. My Dad and brother helped me paint it. When it was finished, I was OVERJOYED!!! My dad told me that maybe we could help the Mushere [moo – SHAY – ray] people get a bible. And all we needed were t-shirts! All done now with the story, bye-bye!