A Prayer for Spiritual Growth

I wish I could say that when a service comes together like today’s service did, it is because we are just that smart.  Unfortunately, I can’t say that.

I wish I could say we were so good in calendar planning that we plan a prayer study to start the evening when a prayer passage is preached as we work through a book of the Bible.  Actually, far from it.

God is in control.

I love watching how we are following the way the Word is put together, and God pulls it all together.  Love watching what he is doing.

Today’s services went like this:

  • From the Day – I Am They
  • There’s Power in the Blood – North Side Arrangement (the worship team arranged this version on Wednesday night and I absolutely love it – hope you did as well.  It truly brings out some wording and such.)
  • Prayer Time
  • Tis So Sweet – The Alone Instrument
  • 10,000 Reasons – Rend Collective
  • Prayer Time
  • Sermon – A Prayer for Spiritual Growth (2 Thess. 1:11-12)
  • Prayer Time
  • Cornerstone – Tim Neufeld

The message on prayer was incredible.  I love Jeff’s honesty concerning his prayer life.

Here are some of my notes from today’s sermon:

  • Pray that: 1) God would make you worthy of your calling (salvation), and 2) God would supply the power for every godly desire.
  • God calls unworthy people and makes them worthy.
  • God makes us worthy both positionally and practically.
  • God, will you answer all of our prayers that are good?

Once again, we couldn’t plan it like this, but I am beginning to teach an 8-week course on prayer tonight entitled “The Battle Plan for Prayer.”  I think this is due to God’s orchestration to make our people more of a people of prayer.

I hope you can come!