The Parable of the Fields [Isaiah 5]

To say my heart is full tonight is an understatement.  Words cannot describe all the wonders of what God is doing in the life of his church right now.

I won’t apologize for the emotions, because God has just been so good to me and to his church.

Today was absolutely full of God on the move.  Here is how the services went down:

  • Piano Christmas Medley – 6 of our band members played some Christmas tunes with the top off the piano and had a great time making music to the LORD
  • Gloria – Michael W. Smith
  • Jesus, Son of God – Chris Tomlin (we are using this as a Christmas song this year – it just tells the whole story)
  • Baptism – In the 11:00, I got to baptize Obadiah.  He even got to be baptized after his buddy, Taylor George.  Yeah, I was kind of a bumbling mess.  I thought I was going to be put together but when you get to celebrate something you have been praying for 8 years and redirecting your life and our church around the concept of family discipleship, you kind of get lost in the moment.  It was a precious time, and I will always cherish the opportunity to share the gospel with that boy and baptize him.  And, I’ll never forget his feet going high in the air as his face went under the water.
  • Reading – Luke 2:8-14
  • Peace on Earth – North Side Worship (great reminder of the year we have had and how Jesus is triumphant even through it all)
  • Mission Pastor Presentation – Our elders were so thrilled to be able to present Scott Hill as our recommendation for the position of Mission Pastor.  God has been writing this story for a while, and I encourage you to check it out!  People were rejoicing at the news today.  Overwhelmed with joy!
  • First Christmas Joseph Video
  • Welcome to Our World – Chris Rice
  • Sermon – The Parable of the Fields (Isaiah 5)

Going through Isaiah 5, Jeff gave a powerful sermon on a beautiful love song.  Here are some of my notes:

  1. God decided he is going to plant a vineyard in a rocky terrain (only he could do that).
  2. Fruitfulness is not contingent upon the environment (Isaiah 5:2).
  3. There is nothing more that God could have done.  He had done it all (Isaiah 5:4)!
  4. We cannot live by, “if only this would change…”
  5. Jesus is the true vine (John 15)!

So thankful for the powerful way that these services came together today!  We got to celebrate a mission opportunity this afternoon and wrap up our Battle Plan for Prayer class tonight (if you missed it, I will be teaching it on Wednesdays in the Spring).

Absolutely incredible, gracious day given to us by Jesus.  Grateful.