When Hatred Casts the Ballot

I don’t like to blog about too many political issues, so this post will be brief and clear.  After Super Tuesday’s unsurprising results, I want to share just a few thoughts in a few hundred words.

In this election, many people are voting against what they hate rather than for what they love.

A common theme you hear on every side of the line is that a majority of people don’t wholeheartedly like the candidate who has their vote, but that candidate has a sharp response to an issue the voter holds dear.  When the imminent nominees of each party have so many actions that people are deeming as questionable and yet still have such support, it is sending a signal.

When Donald Trump makes a blunt comment about an issue, while some people cringe, others are hearing someone articulate what they have been thinking inside for years.

When Hillary Clinton takes a stance against an issue supported by Republicans, those sensitive to those issues overlook ongoing scandals.

I believe that hatred is casting the ballot this election year.  People are not voting for what they love, they are voting against what they hate.

Voters Hate This More Than They Love That

If you are taking in the news like me, here are some examples I see:

  • Certain voters hate Republicans more than they love Democrats.
  • Certain voters hate Democrats more than they love Republicans.
  • Certain voters hate Muslim practices more than they love Christian morality.
  • Certain voters hate pro-life agendas more than they love pro-choice candidates.
  • Certain voters hate immigrants taking jobs more than they love opportunities for others.
  • Certain voters hate their personal salary more than they love the overall federal fiscal security.
  • Certain voters hate one race more than they love the human race.
  • Certain voters hate liberal policies more than they love conservative values.
  • Certain voters hate conservative family values more than they love liberal agendas.
  • Certain voters hate war more than they love peace.

I could go on, but I hope you get the point.  I don’t know why we are shocked by this epidemic.  The country is becoming more polarizing by the day.

Whoever becomes the next President is going to inherit a divided country and receive a divided perception of success.

Rhetoric will continue to increase.  Social media has given everyone a megaphone to shout their opinions and the volume will continue to increase.  I am skeptical to think that any candidate placed in office is going to be able to unite this divided country.

Why do we see conservative pastors and soft-spoken liberals getting in the middle of these endorsements?

In this election, there is something they hate more than the candidate they supposedly love.

I don’t intend this post to be morbid.  I am not losing sleep over it.  I am not planning on moving countries (unless the Lord calls me).  But this idea helps me sort through the anger and passion we are seeing in this election season.

People are fed up, and they are more passionate about what they hate than what they love.

If you profess Christ, make sure that this world knows you not by your hate but by your love (John 13:34-35).