Just About Married

So many people work so hard preparing for the wedding and neglect preparing for the marriage.

For those who are considering engagement or marriage, you can’t take this preparation time seriously enough!

For couples getting married, I believe it is best for the officiating minister to also do pre-marital counseling.  Sometimes the situation is unique where that doesn’t work out as easily, so I wanted to provide some resources to replace, supplement, or go over and beyond in your preparation.

If you are a couple just about married, the following content is a free resource to you.

You can download a booklet here (Just [About] Married Workbook) that will help you take notes on the 8-video sessions below and also start some great conversations as a couple to discuss important issues concerning marriage.

I think the best way to use these videos and workbook is to go through them as a couple in addition to real-life counseling (at least 3 sessions).  In those sessions, you can unpack what you learned or issues that came up.

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