What God Has Joined Together, Let No Expectation Separate

Many letdowns in marriage happen when our expectations set our spouses up for failure.  What exactly are we supposed to help one another do?

This Genesis 2 message is from North Side’s Marriage Conference 2016.

Sermon Points

  1. Unrealistic expectations in marriage can lead to unforgiving spouses.
  2. It is easier to criticize your spouse’s failures that it is to address your own.
  3. You are not called to frustrate your spouse but to further your spouse.
  4. You are not called to clone your spouse but to compliment your spouse.
  5. You are not called to hinder your spouse but to help your spouse.
  6. How are we to help one another? 1) Relationship with God, 2) Role from God, 3) Rule from God.
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