The Principles of Discipline

Parents are called to reflect the character and nature of God in their discipline

Weeks ago, I got to partner with area churches and put on a parenting workshop.  We got many requests to make the content available.  Here is the second session, The Principles of Discipline.

Use it however it helps you or your church!

The Principles of Discipline

Key Points

  1. Children who disobey their parents become students who disrespect teachers, employees who disagree with employers, citizens who disregard authorities, church members who discourage their pastors, adults who disvalue God.
  2. Parents must understand the difference between punishment and discipline.
  3. Our children need us in different roles throughout their lives.  Preschoolers need a commander, children need a coach, students need a counselor, collegiates need a consultant, adults need a colleague.
  4. Discipline teaches children concerning divine authority.
  5. You are not called to be their friends or their grandparents.
  6. Delayed obedience is disobedience.
  7. Parents must enforce that sin leads to consequences.
  8. You can’t truly discipline a child you don’t know.
  9. Find out what gets your child’s attention.
  10. Determine if your child is disrespectful to all people or just to you.
  11. Parents – don’t negotiate with child “terrorists.”
  12. Don’t neglect to teach about grace in discipline.
  13. If parents nag about everything, children will listen to nothing.
  14. Don’t punish your child when you have pushed their limits.
  15. Discipline based upon the child’s crime and not based on your reputation.
  16. Accept that only God can make your child behave as they ought.
  17. Obedience brings joy.  Disobedience brings pain.
  18. Parent with eternity in mind.
  19. The most pivotal lessons are the ones they remember.
  20. Be careful with what you use to punish.  Don’t teach them to resent something they should respect.
  21. Never forget the power of parental affirmation.

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