Praying in Faith

Here is notes and audio from week 6 of our prayer course.  The focal text for this study is Mark 9:14-29.


Key Points

  1. The power of our prayers is that they can outlive us.
  2. Prayer is not what we do when we can’t work; prayer is what we do because we want to work.
  3. Some people’s ministry are more fruitful praying in their rocking chairs than many of our ministries will be scampering out of ours.
  4. Prayer reminds us that the power is not in our efforts but in our God.
  5. Our unsuccessful attempts reflect our lack of faith more than our lack of ability.
  6. We will never submit a request before the Lord with which he is incapable of handling.
  7. Some of the most powerful displays of prayers’ power are often not even realized in the moment.
  8. Most of our prayer problems stem from theological problems.
  9. When you pray, you should rest in the fact that God is not unaware, unable, uncaring, unwilling, or unlikely to answer.
  10. God’s activity is not determined by our lifetime.
  11. Do you think God is already working on answering your future prayers?
  12. Moses’ example reminds us that God answers prayers of our lives after our lives are over (Deut. 3:23-27; 34:3-7; Matt. 17:1-3).
  13. God can and does answer our prayers even after we are dead and gone.