Praying the Bible

Here is the 7th week of our prayer course.  In this session, it’s time to unpack what it means to be strategic in our prayers.  A foundational game changer is if you can learn to pray the Bible.

The key passage is John 15:1-7.


Key Points

  1. The best words to use in counseling are God’s Words.
  2. The best words to use in prayer are God’s Words.
  3. When we pray Scripture, we are not led by our feelings but guided by truth.
  4. If you had to pick one favorite verse of Scripture, what would it be?  Turn there.  Can you pray something as a result of that verse?
  5. We can be talking to the most fascinating Person in the universe about the most important things in our lives and be bored to death…the problem is not you, it is your method.  -Donald Whitney
  6. When you pray, pray through a passage of Scripture, particularly a psalm.  -Donald Whitney
  7. The main reason why the psalms work so well in prayer is that the very purpose God put them in his Word to us is for us to put them in our words to him.  -Donald Whitney
  8. If you go to pray and your heart is as ice spiritually, you can take the fire of God’s Word and plunge it into your frosty heart by praying through a passage of Scripture.  -Donald Whitney
  9. Jesus prayed the psalms (Matt. 27:46; Psalm 22).
  10. Using the day of the month, pray through that psalm and/or increments of 30 (Day 1 – 1, 31, 61, 91, 121; Day 30 – 30, 60, 90, 120, 150; Day 31 – 119 [there’s a lot in that one]).