Two Sides of the Cross

Preached on August 26, 2016 at North Greenville University for the Ignite 2016 Conference.

Text is Luke 23:39-43.

Main Points

  1. Avoiding hell is not the same thing as desiring heaven.
  2. Our churches market a better life and label it the gospel.
  3. If the residents of hell believe in God and shudder, than mere intellectual ascent is incapable to grant heavenly access.
  4. People want the assurance of a heavenly retirement without the commitment of an earthly vocation.
  5. Each of us must choose between a rescue and the Rescuer.
  6. Jesus is not a reluctant rescuer but a ready redeemer.
  7. Salvation comes through admission of your guilt, confession of Christ’s perfection, and trust in his control.