Moses’ First Miracles

At the Agnew Academy (the name I gave our homeschool), I get to teach our kids on Friday and at other opportunities.  I look forward to this part of the week so much!  I love spending intentional, formative times with my children.

One of the curriculums we use is a writing program called Bible Heroes.

“In these lessons, you will learn how to write with structure and with style.  You will write exciting stories, reports, and creative essays.”

As part of an assignment to utilize their writing and to work with their training with typing, I showed the boys how to blog.  The rest of this post and the artwork comes from Obadiah (8):

Obadiah’s Blog

The work of Obadiah, this is (I am talking in Yoda voice.). You see, started with a notebook, I did, and I then copied it on here.

Part 1

Moses was out in his field when he saw something amazing. It was a bush on fire, but it was not burned! God called Moses from the bush. God would send Moses to the mighty pharaoh. Moses was very afraid, but God said, ”of course I will be with you.” God worked many marvelous signs before the pharaoh through Moses.

Part 2

Moses led the Israelites, who now were not slaves, out of fierce Egypt. When the pharaoh saw what was happening, the Egyptians chased them. The Israelites were trapped by the Red Sea, but when Moses lifted his rod, the water parted! Moses’ people walked on dry land. The pharaoh dared to follow in, and the water crashed back down. The Israelites were saved by God through Moses.