Righteous Noah

At the Agnew Academy (the name I gave our homeschool), I get to teach our kids on Friday and at other opportunities.  I look forward to this part of the week so much!  I love spending intentional, formative times with my children.

One of the curriculums we use is a writing program called Bible Heroes.

“In these lessons, you will learn how to write with structure and with style.  You will write exciting stories, reports, and creative essays.”

As part of an assignment to utilize their writing and to work with their training with typing, I showed the boys how to blog.  The rest of this post and the artwork comes from Eli (8):

Eli’s Blog

Wicked men were everywhere.

God destroyed the earth with a massive flood.

Noah was righteous.  God told Noah to build an ark.  It took a long time to build the ark.  It rained and rained and the water got higher.  Noah’s family was safe inside the ark.