Anywhere But Nineveh

Preached 02/12/2017 at Rocky Creek

Jonah: God’s Relentless Pursuit

Series Overview: Jonah was a prophet on the run but discovered quickly that he could not outrun God.  No matter how hard we may try to avoid God’s call on our own lives, we will soon realize that we cannot escape God’s relentless pursuit.

Anywhere but Nineveh [Jonah 1] – It is not beyond God to call us to difficult and unexpected tasks.  If we attempt to flee, God proves that he can always outrun us and get us right where he wants us to be.

Main Points

  • If you do not cut the lines that tie you to the dock, God will have to use a storm to sever them and send you out to sea.  Put everything in your life afloat upon God, going out to sea on the great swelling tide of His purpose, and your eyes will be opened.  Oswald Chambers (1874-1917)
  • What would it take for you to say “no” to God?
  • God uses previous appointments to prepare us for upcoming assignments.
  • It is not beyond God to call us to difficult and unexpected tasks.
  • Don’t allow the prejudices of your heart to hinder you from sharing the grace of your God.
  • Whenever we encounter the word of the LORD, we have a choice between obedience or rebellion.
  • Abandoning God’s call on my life often comes more from a continual drift than a momentary decision.
  • You will never outrun God.
  • Disobedience endangers those around us.
  • The most dangerous place to be is not where God could call you but the opposite direction to which you would flee.
  • Would you pray this today: 1) Lord, open a door for me, and 2) Empower me to walk through it.
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