The Exposed Places

Biblical Blueprint: The Exposed Places (Neh. 4:10-14)

In every home, there are exposed places for danger to enter. We must identify where they are, build up the walls, and fight against combative tactics.

Nehemiah’s Context

  • God’s people had lived in exile due to their sin, but God was gracious to allow them to return home.
  • Ezra led the people to rebuild the temple for worship, and Nehemiah led the people to rebuild the wall for protection.
  • The builders became overwhelmed by the massive task, the formidable opposition, and the pessimistic commentators.

Nehemiah’s Instruction

  • Nehemiah placed the builders in the exposed places of the wall and exchanged their tools for weapons.
  • To increase their commitment to the battle, he positioned each man’s family behind him.
  • Nehemiah encouraged the people to do three things:
    • 1. Disregard the enemy
    • 2. Remember the Lord
    • 3. Fight for your family
  • Once they stood their ground, they were able to continue the work of securing the city and their homes.

Nehemiah’s Application

  • We also have a ruthless enemy who is trying to destroy your family.
  • We also must fight against his attacks and rebuild what has previously been destroyed.
  • Disregard any enemy who says your family is too endangered to survive.
  • Remember how far the Lord has brought you and believe that he isn’t through with your family.
  • Do whatever it takes (defensively and offensively) to fight for your family.