Reserved Seating [Fuge 2017 Charleston]

Fuge 2017 – Convergence

2 Samuel 9; cf. Rom. 5

The King’s Pursuit (2 Sam. 9:1-5)

  • The king was more concerned with keeping his promise than he was securing his protection.
  • Grace seeks out those who are unqualified to give them what is undeserved.
  • Grace finds us hiding helplessly in barren places.

The Servant’s Response (2 Sam. 9:6-8)

  • Being discovered by the king while in hiding is not a welcomed encounter.
  • The king showed kindness based on the promise of his word and for the sake of the father.
  • You can’t appreciate the King’s amazing grace until you accept the King’s appropriate wrath.

The Table’s Arrangement (2 Sam. 9:9-13)

  • Grace transforms fugitives into family.
  • Grace restores what was lost (9), provides what was lacking (10), and covers what was broken (13).
  • When the king makes you his own, you will forever feast at his table.
  • While we were still weak, While we were still sinners, While we were his enemies.
  • I am Jesus’ Mephibosheth.