Reserved Seating [Fuge 2017 Nashville]

Fuge 2017 – Convergence

2 Samuel 9; cf. Rom. 5

The King’s Pursuit (2 Sam. 9:1-5)

  • The king was more concerned with keeping his promise than he was securing his protection.
  • Grace seeks out those who are unqualified to give them what is undeserved.
  • Grace finds us hiding helplessly in barren places.

The Servant’s Response (2 Sam. 9:6-8)

  • Being discovered by the king while in hiding is not a welcomed encounter.
  • The king showed kindness based on the promise of his word and for the sake of the father.
  • You can’t appreciate the King’s amazing grace until you accept the King’s appropriate wrath.

The Table’s Arrangement (2 Sam. 9:9-13)

  • Grace transforms fugitives into family.
  • Grace restores what was lost (9), provides what was lacking (10), and covers what was broken (13).
  • When the king makes you his own, you will forever feast at his table.
  • While we were still weak, While we were still sinners, While we were his enemies.
  • I am Jesus’ Mephibosheth.

David risked his life to keep his word, but Jesus gave his life to keep his own.  David searched for a somebody to show kindness, but Jesus found a nobody to show grace.  David pursued all the way to the barren place of the desert, but Jesus pursued all the way to the barren place of my soul.

David refrained from giving him justice, but Jesus redeemed me by taking my justice.  David proved to keep his promise to a father, but Jesus proved to be the promise of the Father.  David was able to keep alive, but Jesus was able to bring back to life.

David accepted him like a son, but Jesus adopted me to become his son.  David gave back what Mephibosheth once had, but Jesus gave me what I could never earn.  David gave graciously, but Jesus gave abundantly.

David covered up the brokenness of his body, but Jesus covered up the brokenness of my soul.  David made a place to sit with the king, but Jesus made a way to feast with the King of kings.  The Lord of lords.  Forever feast.  Forever rest.  Forever his.

I am Jesus’ Mephibosheth.  Broken and battered, scared and scattered, torn and tattered.

I followed another king.  I sought another throne.  I belonged to another kingdom.  I was helpless and alone.

My scars kept me hidden.  My status kept me afraid.  My wounds kept me unable.  My past kept me away.

The knock on the door that should have been my end  – was actually the moment when life began again.

That while I was still unable is exactly when I was carried to the table.