Fuge Nashville Recap

The Agnew men had a quick but busy trip to Nashville to partner with Fuge Camps again.  For the last few years, I have been serving as camp pastor for 2 weeks a summer at Fuge student camps that hold such a critical role in my story.  This summer, the whole family went to Charleston at Charleston Southern University, and then the boys got to take the special trip to Nashville at Belmont University.

Some of the highlights:

  • Eli the Hero – Since this was Obadiah’s first plane ride and Eli’s first plane ride he would remember, Eli thought it just sounded awesome to eat in the airport.  It caused us to leave earlier than what we would have departed originally.  We needed that extra hour because my truck started stalling out on the interstate.  We were able to coast into an Advance Auto to find out what it was, travel to a service shop which sent us to another service shop.  Miraculously, we were able to coast it into the parking lot and it “just so happened” to be across from a car rental.  Through all this maneuvering, we made it to the gate when they called for us with no time to spare.  “Dad, I was the hero!  If I didn’t want to eat in the airport, we wouldn’t have made it.”  He was right, except we never got that lunch.
  • Men of Peace – Thankfully, throughout the event, God sent those “men of peace” to help us out.  From the helpful and timely workers to even the rental agency, God went before us.  Standing in line at the rental agency trying to figure out how we were going to make the airport on time, the worker recognized me from preaching at North Greenville University years earlier and was able to get us going in a ridiculously helpful and timely manner.
  • Belmont – I had never been there before.  It was a great place.  Beautiful campus.  Impeccable landscaping.  Great size for Fuge.
  • Nashville – Loved being in this city.  There is so much Kingdom work to partner with.  While me and the boys traveled around with different ministry sites, it was incredible to be able to reconnect with Papa Joe Bradford from a previous ministry event and actually serve alongside him in his backyard.
  • My Boys – I am so amazed at my boys.  Taking these guys on a trip like this makes my job more difficult in many ways, but I would take that challenge any day to be able to experience ministry together.  I was amazed at how they would push themselves on long days, how they would pray over me with such sincerity, how they would serve on ministry sites with intentionality, and how they would encourage me throughout the week.
  • The Camp – It was a great collection of churches present.  Great vibe all week.  Loved getting to know the students.  Loved getting to know the adults.  Precious time with some precious people.  God saved some folks, called many to repentance, and called students into ministry.
  • The Staff – I have had the privilege to work with some of these Fuge staffers before, but we got to know some new ones and had a blast with this team.  They were so accommodating to our family and we are super grateful.
  • The Sermons – With the Convergence theme, it was all around the life of David.  I worked hard to have my sermons setup morning Bible studies and continue on through David’s life and writings in the evening.  In the morning, I taught on spiritual disciplines, and in the evenings, I highlighted other points in David’s life that went along with the theme.  It was a very challenging process, but I am thankful for the opportunity.  It was also a wonderful treat that preaching on David at church this summer coincided with this theme.  I think 3/8 of the sermons I will use in both places, but that helped regarding my studies.  I have been asked if I will post the sermons from camp, and I will see if I can post the audio files in the days to come.
  • Next Year – I am scheduled to preach next summer at Fuge.  The dates and locations sometimes change, but here is the plan for right now.

Make me to know your ways, O Lord;
    teach me your paths.
 Lead me in your truth and teach me,
    for you are the God of my salvation;
    for you I wait all the day long.

-Psalm 25:4-5