Pray, Give, and Go

We had the wonderful privilege to hear from a couple of missionaries tonight.  One is on a stateside furlough and another is preparing to launch out.  It is so important for them and for us to stay connected to what the Lord is doing overseas!

While not every person is called to live on mission overseas, all Christians are called to be in the missional reconciliation business (2 Cor. 5:20).

Here’s how we unpacked ways to be involved in the mission of Jesus:

  1. Pray.  If we truly believed in the power of prayer, we would realize that we are able to partner with missionaries all over the world.  More than just general prayers, get specific in how you pray for missionary partners and unreached people groups.
  2. Give.  We have a wonderful opportunity every week to give financially to the support of local and foreign missions.  Almost 10% of every dollar given to Rocky Creek goes to the Cooperative Program that supports missionaries all over the world (like the two we heard from tonight).  I can’t think of a better investment of our resources!
  3. Go.  Missionaries need mission partners.  They need people to come alongside their work for extra support and for further coverage.  Rocky Creek has many mission partners in which we send short-term mission teams.  Pray about if and when you should go!