There’s a Ram in the Thicket

The Word

There’s a Ram in the Thicket

(Gen. 22)

God miraculously gave Abraham a son but later commanded to sacrifice him. Instead of Abraham having to go through with Isaac’s death, a ram in the thicket became the substitute. 


  • After the Fall in the Garden of Eden, sin escalated so much that God sent his wrath in the form of a flood (Gen. 7:23).
  • After an attempt to reach God by their own methods at Babel, God scattered the nations (Gen. 11:9).
  • God’s blessing of Abraham was undeserved, and yet he was chosen to bless all the nations of the earth (Gen. 12:2-3).


  • When God tested Abraham, he expected him to pass (Gen. 22:1).
  • Trust is demonstrated by obedience.  Abraham proved his faith (Gen. 15:6) by this work (Gen. 22:2).
  • Due to Abraham’s belief in God’s promise regarding Isaac, he knew that both of them would come back somehow (Gen. 22:5).
  • It is typical for the offerer to provide the sacrifice, but this time, God would provide the substitute himself (Gen. 22:8).


  • Moriah became a pivotal site regarding atonement for sin (Gen. 22:2; cf. 2 Ch. 3:1; Matt. 27:51).
  • Isaac’s search for the sacrificial lamb (Gen. 22:7) is ultimately found in Jesus (John 1:29).
  • The next only, beloved son offered up by a father would not have a substitute (Gen. 22:2).  He would be the substitute (John 3:16)!
Jesus is the greater Isaac.  The one and only son born from a miraculous birth.
Jesus is the greater, beloved son of the Father and unmistaken child of the promise.
Jesus is the greater willing sacrifice, graciously submitting to his Father’s plans.
Jesus is the greater companion following his Father up the mountain of sacrifice.
Jesus is the greater pilgrim journeying three days to his destination.
Jesus is the greater traveler carrying the wood of his own death upon his back.
Jesus is the greater sufferer, undeservingly bound to his execution.
Jesus is the greater substitute arrayed in the crown of thorns.
Jesus is the greater resurrector, rising victorious back to life.