Walk in His Ways

As David neared his death, he gave final instructions to his son, Solomon. Out of all the wisdom he could have given, he urged his son to walk in the ways of the LORD.


  • Samuel anointed King Saul – a man after Israel’s heart, and then later King David – a man after God’s heart.
  • After a life full of successes and failures, David gave final fatherly advice to his son, Solomon.
  • Filled with knowledge, wisdom, and experience, the summation of his counsel was simply to obey God’s Word.


  • I am about to go the way of all the earth: Life is short, so live for something that outlives you.
  • Be strong: Fulfill God’s calling on your life with all your might.
  • Show yourself a man: If you want others to treat you like a man, stop acting like a boy.
  • Keep the charge of the LORD your God: I want God’s will for your life more than my will for your life.
  • Walking in his ways: Following God means you will go against the cultural tide.
  • Keeping his statutes: Obeying God is the same thing as enjoying God.
  • That you may prosper in all that you do and wherever you turn: Never confuse worldly success for godly success.
  • That the LORD may establish his word that he spoke: Don’t get caught up building your own kingdom that you miss out on building Jesus’ kingdom.
  • Pay close attention to your way: Satan is in no rush to take you out.
  • Walk before me in faithfulness with all your heart and with all your soul: Don’t settle for half-hearted devotion to Jesus.


  • Repeat the good.
  • Reject the bad.
  • Redeem the ugly.