I Have Found the Book

The Word

I Have Found the Book (2 Kings 22)

King Josiah stumbled upon the neglected Word of God and it changed the nation. We must blow the dust off of the Bible and encounter God’s claims upon our lives.


  • King Solomon walked in the ways of the LORD until foreign women turned his heart after foreign gods.
  • God punished the nation by dividing it into two sections: Israel and Judah.
  • Prophets admonished the people to return to biblical obedience before God would bring about judgment.
  • King Josiah was one king who brought about great reform.


  • When God’s Word becomes covered in dust, our lives become covered with sin.
  • God’s revelation always leads to a response.
  • When the biblical standard is apparent, our standing before God is obvious.
  • Biblical information should lead us to biblical application.
  • God’s Word should bring humility, repentance, and diligence to rid our lives of anything contrary to its teaching.
  • Even if our lives are spared from God’s judgment, we should do everything in our power to spare others from it as well.


  • At the end of this sermon, we let people come up and read the Word reminding us of how God calls us to live.  Here were the rules:
    • No words but God’s words
    • No more than two verses
    • No repeated readings