All Things New

The Word All Things New (Rev 21:1-8) What once was broken will be made right again. Jesus is making all things new. CONTEXT The Apostle John was exiled on the island of Patmos when he received a revelation from Jesus. Addressed to seven churches, he encouraged the people to persevere in the increasingly challenging times. Jesus sought to protect the …


When Jesus Sat Down

The Word When Jesus Sat Down (Heb. 10) Priests could never sit down in worship because sacrifices would always need to be offered. Once Jesus offered himself, he sat down at the right hand of God because the task was finished once and for all. CONTEXT As the early Church grew in doctrine, they saw the complete biblical picture become …


Red and Yellow, Black and White

The Word Red and Yellow, Black and White (Eph 2:11-22) In Paul’s description of the Church in Ephesians 2, he explained that Jesus’ cross broke down sinful, ethnic boundaries we established.  How are we to combat racism within the Body of Christ? CONTEXT The early Church was originally predominately Jewish, and they initially struggled with how to accept Gentiles. At the …


Doers of the Word

The Word Doers of the Word (James 1:22-25) Learning biblical information does not guarantee biblical transformation.  We must learn how to apply the Word of God into our lives. CONTEXT The early Church spread rapidly through the power of the gospel. The apostles wrote letters to clarify doctrine and practice to the growing Church. James, the brother of Jesus and …


The Daily Church

The Word The Daily Church (Acts 2:42-47) As the Holy Spirit empowered the disciples, the early church was born.  This body of believers met together daily and saw God do amazing acts in their midst. CONTEXT Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection changed everything. As Jesus commissioned the disciples in his heavenly ascent, he told them to wait for the gift …


Salt and Light

The Word Salt and Light (Matt. 5:13-16) As Jesus began his public ministry, he gathered disciples in order to teach them how to live for the Kingdom. As he once encouraged them to be salt and light, we are called to the same lifestyles as his followers.   CONTEXT Since we could not make it to God, God came to …


The Great and Awesome Day of the LORD

As God’s people wavered in their devotion, Malachi revealed that the promised Messiah was drawing near. This great and awesome day of the LORD would change everything. CONTEXT After their division, both Israel and Judah eventually fell into enemies’ hands and were exiled from the Promised Land. Years later, a remnant returned to rebuild the temple, the walls, and a

I Have Found the Book

The Word I Have Found the Book (2 Kings 22) King Josiah stumbled upon the neglected Word of God and it changed the nation. We must blow the dust off of the Bible and encounter God’s claims upon our lives. CONTEXT King Solomon walked in the ways of the LORD until foreign women turned his heart after foreign gods. God

Walk in His Ways

As David neared his death, he gave final instructions to his son, Solomon. Out of all the wisdom he could have given, he urged his son to walk in the ways of the LORD. CONTEXT Samuel anointed King Saul – a man after Israel’s heart, and then later King David – a man after God’s heart. After a life full

The Word of the LORD Was Rare

The Word The Word of the LORD Was Rare [1 Samuel 3:1-4:1] Samuel was called to be a prophet during a time when the Word of the LORD was rare. His ministry was established by God’s presence and determined by God’s Word. CONTEXT After 40 years of wilderness wanderings, the Israelites saw the Promised Land under Moses and entered the