The Dragon Outside the Nativity

Peace on Earth

The Dragon Outside the Nativity (Rev. 12:1-17)

The Book of Revelation reveals a different perspective that happened at the birth of Jesus. While the enemy comes to bring chaos, Jesus has come and will come again to bring peace.

The Anticipation

  • You will never experience peace until you wake up to the fact that you are at war.
  • Unseen spiritual battles have raged since the beginning of time and are not slowing down.
  • Satan has waged a war against the children of God and will not let up until his final defeat.

The Incarnation

  • God’s people waited in agony for the arrival of the Messiah.
  • Satan is the instigator behind all evil kings and kingdoms who come against God’s people.
  • The forces of Satan did everything they could to stop the coming of Jesus but failed miserably.

The Confirmation

  • After Jesus’ ascension, Satan concentrated his attacks on Jesus in the only place he could reach him – Christ in you, the hope of glory.
  • As trials come to the Church during this season, a testing and yet refining purification takes place.
  • The reason we can’t experience peace is because we are trying to fight spiritual battles with physical means.