Three Dangerous Self-Made Religions

Colossians 2:16-23

Three Dangerous Self-Made Religions

The Apostle Paul saw three dangerous heresies present in the church at Colossae and we experience them today.  Biblical discipleship is sufficient and doesn’t need any alteration.


  • When we are dissatisfied with the finished product of the gospel, we can easily become subtle heretics.
  • As disciples, we must acknowledge the dangers of altering scriptural beliefs.

Legalism (Col. 2:16-17)

  • God’s Word + My Rules = Legalism
  • Legalism leads people to pass judgment on those who don’t hold to the same religious standards.
  • Be careful of equating your personal convictions with God’s universal commandments.

Mysticism (Col. 2:18-19)

  • God’s Word x My Experiences = Mysticism
  • Mysticism seeks to disqualify others who haven’t shared similar spiritual experiences.
  • If a spiritual experience fails to make much of Jesus and build up the church, it is not of God.

Minimalism (Col. 2:20-23)

  • God’s Word – My Blessings = Minimalism
  • Minimalism pressures people to submit to a way of life that demonizes anything enjoyable.
  • Just because a good gift can become a bad habit does not mean you should forfeit the gift altogether.
Which self-made religion are you more prone to accept?
  • + Legalism (Judgment)
  • x Mysticism (Disqualification)
  • – Minimalism (Submission)