Weekly Wisdom [03.16.18]

Need some Weekly Wisdom?  Here are my favorite resources of the week.

Verse of the Week

You see that faith was active along with his works, and faith was completed by his works [James 2:22].

Book of the Week

Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life by Donald Whitney

Drawn from a rich heritage, Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life will guide you through a carefully selected array of disciplines. By illustrating why the disciplines are important, showing how each one will help you grow in godliness, and offering practical suggestions for cultivating them, Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life will provide you with a refreshing opportunity to become more like Christ and grow in character and maturity. Now updated and revised to equip a new generation of readers, this anniversary edition features in-depth discussions on each of the key disciplines.

Favorite Quotes:

  1. The Spiritual Disciplines are those practices food in Scripture that promote spiritual growth among believers in the gospel of Jesus Christ (4).
  2. The greatest danger of neglecting the Spiritual Disciplines is the danger of missing God – forever; not because personal piety earns anyone a place in heaven, but because it characterizes those who are on the way there (16).
  3. When Scripture is stored in your mind, it is available for the Holy Spirit to bring to your attention when you need it most (39).

Podcast of the Week

The Gospel-Shaped Life from 50,000 Feet from Gospel Coalition by Tim Keller

Tim Keller on how the gospel should shape us.

Quote of the Week

No man has a right to be idle.
William Wilberforce

Post of the Week

Five Things that Keep Churches from Change by Ed Stetzer

Leading a church into revitalization is a daunting task. It takes much prayer, grace, and strength. Churches that need revitalization have often drifted into a place of complacency. The change they need often comes about because of a cathartic moment.

Song of the Week

Tip of the Week

Commit to read from 2 books everyday.  I have a to-do list system that I live by, and in it, I remind myself of daily reading.  Everyday, I read from the Bible and my book of the week.  Having a Bible reading plan helps navigate what to read and having a set book for the week helps me get after it.