7 Christian Female Singers You Might Not Know [But You Should]

There’s some good Christian music out there today.  Not all of it is good, but a lot of it is good.

In recent years, there have also risen some very strong female vocalists, songwriters, and performers.  I recently realized that many of the ladies we listen to in our home are not common names.

Some of that might be due to how publishers only highlight certain types of musicians.

Some of that might be due to how female musicians don’t often get as much emphasis as male musicians.

Regardless of the motivation, I wanted to share with you 7 Christian female singers that you might now know but you really should.  I put in a video that shows a performance by each of these ladies to get a feel for who they are but not all of these songs are the best song or performance by them.  I encourage you to check them out!

Liz Vice

Liz Vice is a musician best known for her Gospel, soul, and R&B-infused album entitled, “There’s A Light.”  She has one of the greatest vibes out there.  The clip above is from a compilation project to which she recently contributed.  Her song “Entrance” is worshipfully stellar.

Charity Gayle

Charity Gayle is a People & Songs artist and staff writer, a teacher and core leader for The Emerging Sound, and seasoned worship leader.  Her recent album, “Lord, You Are My Song” doesn’t have skippable tracks.  It pulls back to a time in gospel music genre that has been lacking for a while.

Heather Headley

Heather Headley started singing and playing the piano in the church at a very young age.  She has worked on Broadway and done worship projects.  While this video showcases her power as a vocalist, her version of “Power of the Cross” caused me to pull the car off the road the first time I heard it.

Kristyn Getty

While Kristyn Getty’s name is probably known more than others on this list due to serving as a co-songwriter with her husband, Keity, on popular modern hymns, I don’t know how much people credit her for her ability to flat out sing.  She has a gentle spirit but a vocal punch that is incredible.  Stick around to the end of this video to see where she takes it.

Sandra McCracken

Sandra McCracken’s prolific contributions as a songwriter, modern-day hymn writer, and record producer has brought grace and clarity to her soulful, folk-gospel sound.  Her albums are incredible and “We Will Feast” is one of my favorite songs of the last few years.

Chelsea Moon

Chelsea Moon has released some progressive bluegrass albums that feature hymns. The styling is so fresh and her voice is incredible.  “The reason I love hymns in general is because the theology is still intact,” Chelsea notes.  These hymn arrangements are incredible.  She has two main projects that each of a different accompanying band (Franz Brothers and Uncle Daddy).

Audrey Assad

Audrey Assad has received some CCM exposure but not to the level that her talent deserves.  She is a gifted songwriter and incredible vocalist.  While this live performance above is a great example of it, I really recommend her album, “Inheritance” to you which contains some breathtaking arrangements of classic hymns.

I’m sure I missed some great ladies, but here are 7 of the ones we thank God for recently.