The Risen King & the Running Disciples

The Risen King & the Running Disciples

Matt. 28:1-15

On Easter Sunday, the disciples eagerly shared the joy of Jesus’ resurrection. If Jesus has truly defeated sin and death, we should fervently run to the world in order to multiply disciples with the news of his salvation.

The Empty Tomb (Matt. 28:1-7)

  • The angel didn’t roll the stone away for Jesus to be freed from death but for the disciples to be freed from unbelief.
  • Even Jesus’ death and resurrection were precisely coordinated by God’s sovereign plan.
  • The message of the gospel is news too good to keep to ourselves.

The Joyful News (Matt. 28:8-10)

  • Carrying the gospel should never be done by solemn expressions and casual paces.
  • Every person will eventually fall before the feet of the Resurrected Christ.
  • Jesus sends the gospel to fearful, faithless abandoners and transforms them into fearless, faithful family members.

The False Story (Matt. 28:11-15)

  • Even the enemies of Jesus know that the reality of his resurrection changes everything.
  • The only way to quiet our message is if we value something greater than the gospel.
  • Jesus made sure that the reality of his resurrection would not be spread by those who failed to treasure the glory of his gospel.