How to Have a Quiet Time

As a young Christian, people always told me about the importance of having a quiet time without anyone ever showing me how to have one. I tend to be a rather loud person anyway, so setting apart time to quiet myself seemed odd in the first place. What exactly am I supposed to do during that quiet time?

All the godly people that I esteemed all talked about what God taught them during that time. I would often feel guilty for not being consistent in my own practice. Maybe you feel the same way. Have you always known you need to have a quiet time but unsure what others actually do? Itā€™s time to go the second mile in having a quiet time.

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First-mile believers will read the Bible and pray when times get difficult. Second-mile disciples are those who are seeking the Lord through daily spiritual habits.

3 Daily Practices

  1. Pray a Psalm
  2. Study a Chapter
  3. Memorize a Verse
  4. BONUS – Pray Through Schedule