The Most Broken Part of Your Life

Fuge Camp at Liberty University – Day 2 Worship

Mark 2:1-12

Living in light of the letdowns of this world, we desperately want Jesus to fix the broken parts of our lives. While we focus on specific areas we want Jesus to address, He is fully aware of the source of our greatest brokenness.

  • More than you need God to work in your situation, you need Him to work for your salvation.
  • The most broken part of you is your sin.
  • We all need the kind of friendships that will get us to Jesus by any means necessary.
  • Our closest relationships should have the right type of faith and the right amount of willingness.
  • Our greatest need is not the one that is always the most glaringly obvious.
  • We need forgiveness for our sins more than relief from our circumstances.
  • The reaction of the crowd and the response of Jesus clarified the speculation – Jesus claimed to be God.
  • While others’ sins may complicate your current circumstances, your own sin has broken your eternal standing. 
  • You need Jesus to forgive you more than you need Him to fix you.