Why Was This Wasted?

Fuge Camp at Liberty University – Day 4 Morning Celebration

Mark 14:1:1-11

Jesus is restoring His Creation, and He has invited us to be a part. Any offering given for Jesus should ever be counted as wasteful.

  • Too many believers are giving their best away to lesser pursuits.
  • You will never give Jesus an adequate response if you are worried about the approval of the crowd.
  • You never regret giving something of value for something you value more.
  • The truest offerings are those that can never be taken back.
  • Many people criticize others’ offerings in an attempt to distract you from their own stinginess.
  • Halfway efforts never make worldwide impacts.
  • I can either play the leading role in my earthly kingdom or a supporting role in God’s heavenly Kingdom.
  • Our response when Jesus differs from our expectations reveals the motive of our commitment.
  • There are two types of followers of Jesus: those who want Jesus and those who want what Jesus can give.
  • God is moving in His plan to restore a broken world. Will you be involved in it?