Category Examples for Distinctive Discipleship Plans

Are you ready to make progress in your spiritual growth? What if you developed a Distinctive Discipleship guide to get you started?

The Distinctive Discipleship plan is a targeted guide to mature you for a set time.

This plan is good for an individual, better with a partner, but best with a mentor.

You can discover 6 categories from Col. 1:27-29 that help us narrow down items that need to be addressed next for our spiritual growth.

  1. I need to delight in Jesus more than:
  2. My disobedience that must be addressed is:
  3. The pivotal doctrine for me to study is:
  4. I need development in learning how to:
  5. I will focus on the spiritual discipline of:
  6. My prayers of dependence will ask God to:

Here are some ways you can fill out your list.

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In case you struggle with selecting a focus for each of the six categories, here are some samples to acclimate your mind to the type of selection you need to make. 

DELIGHT – I need to delight in Jesus more than

  • The approval of others
  • Staying busy for Jesus
  • My favorite sports team
  • My physical appearance
  • Obeying commandments out of fear
  • My spouse’s happiness
  • Finding a spouse
  • My home and possessions
  • My children’s success
  • My favorite hobby

DISOBEDIENCE – My disobedience that must be addressed is

  • Alcoholism
  • Greed
  • Fits of anger
  • Pornography
  • Unwholesome speech
  • Racism
  • Bitterness
  • Flirtatious ways
  • Consistent lying
  • Stealing from work

DOCTRINE – The pivotal doctrine for me to study is 

  • The Gospel
  • Marriage & Sexuality
  • The Holy Spirit
  • Election
  • Old Testament Overview
  • The Second Coming
  • Image of God
  • Deity of Christ
  • The Trinity
  • The Role of Scriptures

DEVELOPMENT – I need development in learning how to

  • Share my faith
  • Love my spouse
  • Discern and use my spiritual gifts
  • Address my finances
  • Teach a Bible study
  • Time management
  • Disciple my children
  • Be a better church member
  • Improve my physical health for the glory of God
  • Do my job better

DISCIPLINE – I will focus on the spiritual discipline of

  • Bible Reading
  • Prayer
  • Scripture Memory
  • Fasting
  • Worship
  • Giving
  • Sabbath rest
  • Service
  • Evangelism
  • Church Involvement

DEPENDENCE – My prayers of dependence will ask God to 

  • Calm my anxiety
  • Reconcile my family
  • Save my friend
  • Raise the money needed for missions
  • Restore the joy of his salvation
  • Make me patient
  • Heal my neighbor’s sickness
  • Send more workers to the harvest
  • Bring unity in our church
  • Soften my spouse’s heart