Entitled Expectations

Preached at North Greenville University Chapel – Nov. 6, 2019

Entitled Expectations (2 Chronicles 26) – God marvelously helped King Uzziah until he no longer saw himself dependent on God’s assistance. The moment we think we don’t need God is when we need him most of all.

  • It’s dangerous to handle what has been gifted by God as if it has been earned by you.
  • Entitled expectations always bring deserving devastations. 

The Rise (26:1-15)

  • God’s standard has never been based upon how you compare yourself to others (26:1-3).
  • The most grounded people live under the authority of God and with the guidance of a mentor (26:4-5).
  • Processing your success by disregarding God’s help is the fastest way to lose it all (26:6-15).

The Fall (26:16-21)

  • Pride goes before destruction when success becomes the assumption (26:15-16).
  • You lose the opportunity for what God has called you to do when you assume the right to what you want to do (26:17-18).
  • Pride makes you think you don’t need anybody so that eventually you won’t have anybody (26:19-21).

The Warning

  • The most dangerous believers are those who see no room left to grow.
  • You are not beyond the commandments of God or the wisdom of mentors.
  • You can humble yourself, or God will do it for you.