Taking My Eyes Off the COVID-19

It’s Monday morning. We have an international pandemic on our hands, and I don’t know what to do. As an individual, husband, dad, pastor, and friend, I feel like many want me to provide answers. Some I have, but others I don’t. I’m an extremely optimistic pastor. I have faith in God. I know he

Entitled Expectations

Preached at North Greenville University Chapel – Nov. 6, 2019 Entitled Expectations (2 Chronicles 26) – God marvelously helped King Uzziah until he no longer saw himself dependent on God’s assistance. The moment we think we don’t need God is when we need him most of all. It’s dangerous to handle what has been gifted by

See the Salvation

We got to celebrate the global Church today.  We had one of our missionary partners from West Africa join us in worship and it was great to have everyone together! Here was the service rundown: Hausa Greetings Go – North Side Worship Holy Spirit – Francesca Battistelli Mission Video Prayer Time Jesus, Son of God