See the Salvation

We got to celebrate the global Church today.  We had one of our missionary partners from West Africa join us in worship and it was great to have everyone together!

Here was the service rundown:

  • Hausa Greetings
  • Go – North Side Worship
  • Holy Spirit – Francesca Battistelli
  • Mission Video
  • Prayer Time
  • Jesus, Son of God – Chris Tomlin
  • No One Higher – Seth Condrey
  • Almighty – Chris Tomlin
  • No One Higher – Seth Condrey
  • Introduction to the Sharpes
  • Sermon – See the Salvation (2 Chronicles 20)
  • Carry Your Name – Christy Nockels

The band did a great job!  They continually work harder and harder at their tasks!  Loved hearing the volume and the passion behind our worshippers today – it was great!

It was great to see new faces and meet new folks today – love watching how God is drawing people to himself!

See the Salvation.001

Greg’s message was great.  He preached from 2 Chronicles 20 (one of my favorite passages as of late) and shared stories about what God was doing among the Hausa people.  What are people supposed to do in light of such danger and odds?  When we don’t know what to do, our eyes are on God!

It was great to hear from his perspective concerning stories that we only knew limited information concerning.  God is moving among that people and it is incredible to partner with such great people like our missionary partners!  I have never been more excited about Kingdom stuff as what we are experiencing in these days!