Making Time to Meet with God

Do you have an adequate margin to meet with God regularly?

Your most important appointment of the day is making time to meet with God.

Years ago, someone coined the phrase “quiet time.” Many people rightfully highlighted the need for this daily encounter in the Word and prayer.

In addition to considering a quiet time, you also need to ensure that it is quality time. Your soul needs unhurried, uninhibited, and unyielding time with Jesus.

  • What are the most significant distractions to your meeting with Jesus?
  • What are your most constant distractions to meeting with Jesus?

To strengthen your ability to rest in Jesus, you have to ensure that this time comes a priority.

You might have to decide to start some things and stop others.

What tangible steps could you take to prioritize a home environment that encourages and facilitates spiritual growth?

Your list might include some simple adjustments or some dramatic overhauls.

Mary and Martha were two close friends of Jesus. On one occasion, Mary was sitting at the feet of Jesus, but Martha was busy with preparations. Mary worked on the spiritual side; Martha worked on the practical side. Jesus isn’t against being productive and servant-hearted, but that should overflow from a relationship with him rather than ar replacement for such.

When Martha complained about her lack of help, Jesus pointed out the lacking issue in her life. She had failed to prioritize her responsibilities well. Like Martha, you might concern yourself in your home about several things, but are you concerned about the most important thing (Luke 10:41-42)?

Your tasks can wait, but if you fail to meet with Jesus, none of them can be done well.

Put an appointment on your schedule today and tomorrow for when you will meet with God. Plan out what you will read, write down what you will talk with him about, and if something pushes the appointment back, reschedule as soon as you can. Don’t let frustration keep you from pushing in and actually having it.

Being late to your appointment with God is better than being absent altogether.