When God Has Had Enough

Daniel 5:1-31

When King Belshazzar took the vessels from the temple and used them for idolatrous purposes, God sent a frightening message to the people. The writing on the wall seeks to remind us that when God has had enough, He puts an abrupt end to sin.


  • When King Belshazzar utilized vessels from the temple in Jerusalem for his sinful party, a mysterious hand delivered an unknown message (5:1-9).
  • The people sought Daniel’s help, who used the opportunity to remind them of lessons unlearned and to confront them of lines crossed (5:10-23).
  • Daniel told the king that God had declared an end to his kingdom, and he was killed that very night by an invading empire (5:24-31).


  • Even unbelievers can recognize the Spirit of God in the life of a believer (5:11, 14).
  • While we marvel at the miraculous moments in Daniel’s life, we miss an important truth if we fail to notice all the mundane moments in between (5:12).
  • If we don’t learn the lessons from our ancestors before us, we are doomed to repeat them (5:22).


  • Don’t utilize any vessel for sin if God designed it for worship.
  • Be aware that your greatest dangers are the ones that come from within.
  • Don’t put God off for one more moment because He hasn’t promised that you have another one to spare.