When God’s People Turn Aside

Daniel 9:1-19

As Daniel studied the scriptures, he was dismayed at how far the people had drifted from God. His prayer of corporate repentance provides a helpful guide as we seek a needed wake-up call from God.

  • To apply Daniel 9 most accurately, we need to pray for the Church more than the country.
  • Daniel’s prayer of corporate repentance shows us four key things to include in our prayers.

1. Pray According to Scripture (9:1-2)

  • The Word of God should serve as a catalyst and a guide for your prayers.
  • God’s Word is His revelation to us; our prayers are our response to Him.

2. Pray Aligned with Humility (9:3)

  • You will never seek the Lord by accident.
  • The fact that God is sovereign should not reduce our prayers but intensify them.

3. Pray Honestly About Sin (9:4-15)

  • Repentance should not be isolated to personal choices but also include collective straying.
  • Don’t be shocked if God allows you to sit in the hole that you dug.

4. Pray Confidently by Grace (9:16-19)

  • Our prayers should be admissions of our need for mercy that we do not receive what we ultimately deserve.
  • Prayers focused on our circumstances more than God’s glory prove that we’ve learned nothing.
  • When God’s people have continually turned aside, we must return with sincere urgency.
  • It is time that the people of God repent because we have taken God too lightly and ourselves too seriously.