Even the Antichrist Has a Term Limit

Daniel 11:1-45

Daniel foresaw a clear progression of prideful rulers culminating in the reign of the Antichrist. For all the power amassed by God’s opponents throughout history, their end will be sudden and sure.

  • Some scholars believe that over 130 precise details about the future were foreseen in Daniel 11.
  • The detailed nature of the vision gives us hope in our God, who is sovereign overall.

Persia & Greece (1-4)

  • The Persian Empire ensured God’s people returned to Jerusalem (2).
  • The Greek Empire established a vast influence and enforced a universal language over most of the known world (3-4).

Egypt & Syria (5-20)

  • Through Egypt, we learn that earthly kingdoms are prideful and temporary (5-12).
  • Through Syria, we see the tendency for God’s people to get distracted by unnecessary conflicts (13-20).

Antiochus & Antichrist (20-45)

  • Antiochus of Syria rose to power through deceit, and his corrupt desire for authority seemed unquenchable (20-28).
  • The Roman Empire changed how the world traveled so that important news could cover the world (29-30).
  • Humiliated by the Romans, Antiochus took out his wrath on Jerusalem, and his persecution revealed the true believers (31-35).
  • This horrific time before Jesus’ arrival foreshadows the final conflict before Jesus’ return (36-45).

You & I

  • Be encouraged because every persecution has a shelf life, and even the Antichrist has a term limit.
  • The quest to take God’s place started in Eden and will end in Jerusalem.
  • Keep the future promises in mind when you suffer through the present circumstances.
  • Allow the precise fulfillment of Daniel to embolden you about the final page of Revelation.