Lured by Lust

Adultery always begins far before the act. We must be careful what we look at and what we think about if we are to remain faithful to our commitments.

Matthew 5:27-30

  • External actions reveal internal attitudes.
  • Sin is often meeting a right desire in the wrong way at the wrong time.

The Price of Adultery (27)

  • Adultery is grave disobedience against God.
  • Adultery is irreversible damage against a family (even if it can be forgiven).
  • Adultery is putting temporal feelings over lifelong commitments.

The Danger of Lust (28)

  • What we see leads to what we consider, which leads to what we do.
  • You may not be guilty for what you initially see, but you are responsible for the second glance or the lingering thought.
  • The more you allow yourself to obsess over someone, the easier it will be to pursue sin.

The Need to Fight (29-30)

  • Dangerous sins require drastic measures.
  • Lust is a sin so severe that it deserves hell.
  • Each of us requires a way to forgiveness and a plan to fight.
  • Forgiveness – Jesus Christ is willing to forgive you for every sinful thought, word, and action.
  • Fight – You will never find personal victory if you don’t at least put up an intentional fight.